Fiona PatersonFiona Paterson
Passed 1st time
I knew exactly what I needed to do to pass my test. Bart was clear, calm and understood how to keep me calm even though I am a stress-head. I've tried to learn to drive before but this was so much clearer and goal orientated.

Mirabelle Allum-LauriaMirabelle Allum-Lauria
Passed 1st time
Just passed my test! I Would really recommend Bart, so helpful. I had a previous instructor who made me quite anxious, but Bart put me at ease and helped me flourish as a driver. Thank you.

Jamie KendallJamie Kendall
1st time pass
Bart was great, he was very flexible with what areas we spend more time on. The LDC DVD and Workbook covered a lot of the theory so we were able to spend the intensive course driving a lot, giving me plenty of time to become comfortable before the test.

Harvey SkiltonHarvey Skilton
Passed 1st time
My instructor was very helpful if I was unsure about anything. Made me feel comfortable when I had encountered any tricky situations. Overall a very nice guy and I would 100% recommend him.

Ollie DandoOllie Dando
Passed 1st time
Bart is a great instructor who has managed to teach me how to drive through 3 lockdowns and long waits. He makes learning how to drive a fun experience and is good at not pilling too much pressure on you. He is kind and considerate and an all around good person. Overall he is a great instructor. The LDC workbook and videos for preparation were good as well.

Elizabeth FearnheadElizabeth Fearnhead
1st time pass
Very clear and useful advice. Really nice and patient with learners - really appreciated. I looked forward to every lesson with Bart and I definitely could not have passed without him. Lessons are always well structured and everything is covered with enough depth.

Sophie PocockSophie Pocock
Passed with Bart
My instructor is a lovely person who has helped me through so much with my driving. He is calm and helps me understand my mistakes and how to improve. The LD workbook, videos and learning method has helped me to understand how to pull off everything needed to be a great driver!

Niall LarkinNiall Larkin
Passed 1st time
I felt Bart to be a great instructor who is calm and collected and is willing to be very empathetic when you've made mistakes. Would highly recommend Bart if you're looking to start driving.

Kamran PatelKamran Patel
Bart made me feel very calm and honestly I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Taught me very well and always made me feel at ease.

Samuel BrahamSamuel Braham
Passed 1st time
Bart is an excellent driving instructor. He clearly cares a lot about the journey of his students as shown by his supportive attitude and calm demeanor. He is happy to work with you when arranging and planning lessons allowing for a certain level of flexibility. Bart is also an easy man to talk to, having comfortable conversations adding to an all round great learning environment. He is very observant to how one drives, ensuring safety in early lessons and attention to detail in the later ones. I would definitely recommend Bart.

Adam DonnellyAdam Donnelly
First time pass
Firstly, I found the resources provided by LDC very helpful, especially with the theory test. The online portal really helped with my study for the theory. The workbook was great when initially learning as all the lessons and learning objectives are broken down into easy to manage items. Bart was a great teacher and I wholly recommend him to any learner young or old (I'm 34). He is very patient and takes time to talk through any issues so you can see where you went wrong. Overall I found the LDC system and instructor great, I passed first time! Also personal thank you to Bart for being accommodating to my situation.

Xavier SolanoXavier Solano
1st time pass
I'm very pleased with Bart, he is very patient and doesn't give up until you understand and manage to progress throughout the lesson. He is very dedicated and always shows up on time for the class. Thank you for everything!

David BrockwayDavid Brockway
Passed 1st time
Bart is a very good instructor, he helped me pass first time. He quickly understood how I like to learn and was always reassuring and supportive. I would recommend Bart to friends and family.

Jasmine FletcherJasmine Fletcher
First time pass
Passed first time! Bart made me feel comfortable in all lessons and helped a lot with my progress. Really good instructor!! Had a range of different methods/resources such as the learners LD workbook. Highly recommend.

Sophie SannoSophie Sanno
I will rate my instructor Bart 5 stars. He has been patient, helpful and very dedicated to his role as an instructor. Throughout the lesson he will explain and make sure I apply what we learn. Thanks for all your support and positive feedback.

Jonnathan O'SulivanJonnathan O'Sulivan
1st time pass
Bart has been an excellent instructor, has helped me become a safe and confident driver. I loved the student centric approach and Bart allowed me to identify my own next steps. The LDC youtube videos and worksheets were invaluable. They helped me prepare and save time in the lesson. Bart is an absolutely indispensable asset to your company.

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